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Amelia ? – Mar 25, 2012

I just posted this on Yelp too, because reviews are so important and TW’s definitely deserves a fantastic rating. This place was great… I had an emergency repair, dropped my car off on a Sunday, got it back on Tuesday. My car has a chronic overheating problem. I have taken it to three different places in the past two years, spent well over $1500 on those repairs combined, and I was about to give up on it when I took it to TW’s. They repaired it honestly, my bill was less than $100 and my car does not overheat anymore. It was a simple fix for a huge problem and I feel like finally it has been fixed for good. Their only agenda was to fix my car— there weren’t any mysterious supplemental problems with my car like I’ve experienced at other shops. If I lived in the San Antonio area, I would go here any time I had a problem.

Ty ? – Feb 6, 2012

They do a great job, been there twice in the past year. Good work, fair prices. The new young woman working the phone and front desk is lacking phone skills and customer service skills. She does a dis-service to this company. She needs more training, or they need someone else.

Jonathon ? – Jan 14, 2012
Needed help getting new alternator installed, they took care of it within a few hours.
chris ? – Dec 10, 2011

No appointment needed for my state inspection . I went in with only a few minutes to spare and they inspected my truck faster than ever, no watching my truck sit in the parking lot for an hour before they start. They also did not try to up-sell me a dozen things like the Oil change places do.

Tomas ? – Jul 20, 2011: They changed my oil fast! I took it in praying for a quick oil change but when I saw the parking lot full I didn’t think it was possible. Danny was able to get me in right away. The price was awesome even with an additive it came out cheaper than anywhere I’ve been in New Braunfels. Go see them!!!

Allen ? – Apr 22, 2011: These guys really helped my wife and I out a lot. We were driving to Austin from San Antonio when we had an incident causing us to turn to the nearest repair shop. These guys were professional and figured out what the problem was instantly. They were also very reasonable, this matters a lot when your on the road and unsure about where to go, know theres still people you can trust.

beenthere b4 ? – Jan 23, 2011:Absolutely outstanding folks to do business with!!! Have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan SE and had several repairs done by local dealers in the recent past (at ‘dealership prices’). Had quotes for several more repairs by the dealers and contacted them for a second opinion. Not only did they beat the dealership prices (with as good or better parts, service, & warranty), but for a minimal fee, saved me hundreds of $$ by accurately diagnosing & repairing minor problems that the dealerships estimated for much more. They also performed several of the minor repairs at little or no cost (while the vehicle was in the shop), just like you would expect from a quality, local, friendly mechanic. Can’t say enough good things about these guys. Being ex-military, only one last thing to say–get an estimate from any one you like…but give Toby, Danny & their Mech’s your business. They are a CLASS ACT.

thiswillmake3 ? – Aug 17, 2010: FANTASTIC PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!! I had never met them or done business with them, needed my car repaired (new engine, $4000) and they went above and beyond for me. They actually called around and found out it may be covered under an extended warranty and gave their business away to a dealership FOR MY BENEFIT! You can’t ask for better guys then that 🙂 Plus they call you back when they say they will and are very pleasent on the phone! GREAT JOB GUYS!!! Its nice to know some businesses still care more about their reputation and customers, than money.

Gene ? – Aug 14, 2009: Earned the respect of a new customer. In the summer of 2009, I moved my family to New Braunfels during a vacation from Iraq. After a month in our new hometown, the AC went out in our car. I was already back in Iraq by this time and did not have chance to find a quality mechanic that my wife could rely on. T W’s Axle and AutoRepair was recommended as a great shop, which took care of their customers. We decided to give them a try and, to my relief, my wife told me that everything went fine. She said the lady that called her on the phone to give the estimate was courteous, informative and knowledgeable about the work that was needed. The mechanics finished the work in a very timely manner and did not attempt to tack on any unnecessary work or charges. When my wife picked it up the car, the bill was exactly as quoted with out any pressure for additional parts or labor. My wife tells me that she feels comfortable using T W’s Axle and Auto Repair in the future and would not hesitate to do so. This is very reassuring to a husband that is not always available to take care of such things. T W’s Axle and Auto Repair, has earned my respect for the way they treated my wife and they have earned a new customer.

Tpena ? – Aug 10, 2011: Toby, Danny and the guys are awesome! I recommend everyone to have them as their mechanic! They go above and beyond to answer all your questions. They explain everything they are going to do, no surprises when you pick up your vehicle. Will be going back for all my vehicle needs! Thank you guys!

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